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We welcome all experience levels. Some of our teammates had never played before OSU while others have played since they were children. We work hard to ensure that all team members have a place to learn, grow and play! 

Practices run all school year long Monday through Thursday, 6:45-8:15pm at McCorkle Aquatic Pavillon.  During the fall, we start with two practices a week and work our way up to four a week. We also participate in a few friendly tournaments throughout the fall, and travel to nearby schools for the weekend.

Spring is go time! During our spring semester, we practice four days a week and have a couple tournaments a month.

All practices and tournaments are optional, but highly encouraged. It's an opportunity to learn, improve and spend time with your teammates! 

We are a very close team of fun-loving girls with a wide variety of passions, interests and academic pursuits. We spend time together in and outside of the water! Throughout the year we have many team events such as group dinners, pumpkin carving, thanksgiving dinners, holidays celebrations and sporting events. More importantly, you have friends all over campus that are always down to grab coffee, lunch or study with you! 

How Do I Join? 

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We will host an information session at the beginning of each school year, so you can come meet a few of the players and learn more about our team. We will also have a stand at the involvement fair, so please stop by and say hi! 

Otherwise, please complete this form and we will reach out with more info about our team! 

You can also directly reach out to one of our officers, whose emails are located on the contact us page! 

Hope to see you soon!